Find the message you want to attach the reaction to.

The emoji will be added to your email.

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Launch WhatsApp on your computer.

Tap any emoji icon to add it to the text.

To choose a different Memoji with the same. 5. To add custom Discord emojis on mobile, choose your channel and click the three dots in the top right.

If you don't see the emoji icon on the keyboard (as pictured below), you'll need to enable emoji from the keyboard settings in iOS: Tap Settings > General > Keyboard.

. . Tap Keyboards.

To access the emoji short codes, press the smiley button on the keyboard and then tap the short-code icon (next to the GIF icon). .


Get started with reactions.

Tap Keyboards. .

Step 2: Tap. .

Jan 13, 2020 · How to like or react to a text on iPhone.
Tap Screen at the top of the display.

Step 3: Let the front-facing camera capture your face and the app generates a custom emoji.


Tap the Memoji button , then. . .

. Both. Tap the Memoji button , then swipe left to pick your Memoji. This is the typical standard for most phones, and the most. Tap the conversation thread with the text you want to send a reaction or expression to. Touch and hold , then tap Screen.

Get started with reactions.

Find the message you want to attach the reaction to. You’ll notice that any text Messages can replace with an Emoji turns orange, and.


Type a message or insert a photograph into the text box.


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setState otherwise) when an Emoji is picked, appending it to the current state.