Pinterest. Some of them are peaceful fish, while others can literally terrorize the entire tank.


Bolivian rams appreciate pH of 7.

It needs a minimum of 20 gallons to keep two pairs in a 55-gallon easy (pairs are territorial). 08 to xx centimeters) with a clean substrate. Aquascaping Ideas.

The African Cichlid Tank.

We get asked often about different stocking options. . Cichlids are not specifically schooling fish, but they do prefer living in a community rather than alone.

For species with strict stocking densities, do your research first. 0 to 8.



My 55 is just Peacock cichlids, you can have up to 15 in a 55. Due to its small size and relatively calm nature, this cichlid is one of the best Malawi cichlids for beginners.

Many cichlid owners should consider a larger tank than necessary when mixing multiple species. The African Cichlid Tank.

They are also very colorful with colorful females, and among the most docile by Mbuna standards: 55 gallon tank (about 15 Mbuna, ideally): 1m/4f Labidochromis caeruleus aka.
May 2, 2023 · They do well in a community tank as long as their requirements for tank parameters are met.


The substrate is the first thing you should think about when decorating an aquarium.

. Best Community Fish For A 20 Gallon Tank: Tetras. You need a good substrate to anchor your plants.

It’s really pretty simple. A 50 gallons aquarium might be suitable for 6 to 8 small sized cichlids. . If you are creating an African Cichlid tank or a community Cichlid tank, you have many choices. Sep 15, 2022 · Substrate for African Cichlids.


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A 55-gallon aquarium is doable for an entry-level African cichlid tank, so we picked our favorite cookie cutter setup that combines three strategic species that look amazing together.


Like many other cichlids, they do better when they are a little overcrowded.

Tank Size: Cichlids grow to a large size, so the bigger the tank the better.